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Pictures are great, but we want to show you how some of our creations come to life.

Now this page is brand new, so there isn't much here yet, but we are working on it.
We aren't the greatest film makers, but we hope you enjoy what we have.

The Penguin Ballon

Scott loves this balloon, and so one night (sorry it's kind of dark) we decided we should showcase it!

The Butterfly Face Painting

This is about a 10 minute video of a blue sparkly butterfly I painted on my 2 year old daughter's face.
I was very happy with how it turned out because she wiggles a lot. It took a little longer then normal, but it's the first time I've filmed a video of me painting!
The Butterfly

Dani decided to put Scott's skills to the test. Scott is unaware of what he is supposed to be making. You will see we (Willy Creations) do not settle for average, we take pride in our work and love making awesome balloons! And we are pretty fast too!