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Private Party time Frames

If you are planning an event, we recommend you book enough time to accommodate everyone.BalloonArtist/ Balloon Twister in Mesa

The time frames listed below are just a suggestion and can change depending on factors such as whether it's face painting, balloons, age range, etc...

Private party 01-15 guests                    hours

Private party 16-20 guests                  2  hours

Private party 21-25 guests                  2½   hours

Private party 26-30 guests                  3  hours

And so on...  

•You want to figure about 5-6 minutes per guest. A guest is anyone who might want a balloon or face painting; that includes adults and siblings of the invited guests. Balloons are made quickly, but they ALWAYS need popping repairs after the kids have them.

Willy Creations Jungle scene balloon animals