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Pictures Page 2

This is the 2nd fun page where we show off some of our newest creations,
or just fun moments from parties.

As the page fills up, the older pictures will be archived onto additional pages to speed loading time.

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We were the official twisters at the Walk Like MADD Fundraiser!
Lots of silly balloon hats for the crowd as they walked to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Walk like MADD balloon twistingWalk like MADD balloon twistingWalk like MADD balloon twisting

Dani's very first attempt at the full face spider man.
It came out great, but I can see one line I missed and I always notice it in the picture and it drives me mad!
You see it?

Face Painted Spider Man
(I should add that since this picture, I have done TONS of them! ha)

St. Patrick's Day
For St. Patrick's Day we went to R.T. O'Sullivans and painted faces and twisted balloons. It was a blast!
*On the left, a special birthday hat for the gentleman. It's hard to tell, but it's a palm tree with a hula dancer.
*On the right, Scott's special St. Patty's Day top hat.

Camelback Desert School
We did the Camelback Desert School Family Fun Day! It was a lot of fun and we were very impressed with everything they had setup. You could tell how much effort was put into it. You would never have thought it was put on by a school... it was amazing. Those are some lucky kids, ha.

So here are some pictures from the event. They came out great!

Very First Tiger back in 2010 (They are MUCH better now)... on my squirmy daughter
This ferocious thing is our daughter Abby. She called herself "Tiger" all night long and carried a mirror everywhere she went!

Angels for an Angel
On Feb. 23 we were called and asked if we would be able to put together some balloons
for a little baby's funeral that was the following day.

We were very touched that they picked us for such a job, and we of course told them we could sure try. Well after about 4 hours worth of non-stop twisting (and creating!), they turned out wonderful!!!! Here are some pictures.

Deep Sleeper

•Don't fall asleep in our house, I love to practice!
(People always ask and yes, he was actually sleeping. He kept moving during Spiderman so it's my version of alien spiderman)

Willy Creations Balloon Twisting & Face Painting