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This is our fun page where we show off some of our newest creations,
or just fun moments from parties.

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Making a commercial!
Arizona Federal Credit Union has a funny commercial with Kurt Warner and we got to do the balloons for the shoot!

Willy Creations Commercial ShootWilly Creations Commercial Shoot

One of our strangest request
(For those who don't know, they wanted an Instagram filter painted)

We love Trolls and Shopkins!

Willy Creations Trolls BranchWilly Creations Trolls Poppy
Willy Creations Shopkin PoppycornWilly Creations Shopkin Delish Doughnut

Capturing some superheros!
We were actually doing a birthday party for a bunch of little girls but eventually the adults has some requests as well, haha.
He did an amazing job getting the pictures and even managed to get superman to fly!
If interested in his work, here is his website: http://jamiehinesphoto.com/

Relay For Life - San Tan Valley
American Cancer Society
Scott and I were contacted by "Team Incredibles" to see if we might want to be a part of the
San Tan Valley "Relay For Life" American Cancer Society event in April and we thought it might be fun!
We priced each balloon and face painting design and donated a portion to help the cause.
Here are a few fun pictures from the event.

The 2nd movie didn't as well, but the boys sure love the characters from "Cars" and we have been asked to do many of them lately.
As always the birthday boy got to pick any special balloon that he wanted... and he chose 'Mater!

Mater balloon from Willy CreationsMater balloon from Willy Creations

Is that a pirate monkey?
Yes it is!
I just loved this, and the birthday girl did to. It's hard to tell from the picture but there is a lot of detail.
As we kept working we could hear the birthday girl's mom discovering all the details... "Oh look, it's got an earring!"
If you can't tell, it has a scar, eye patch, earring, sword, a tattoo, and a wooden peg leg.

Willy Creations Pirate Monkey

It's Scott in the Hat! (Along with things 1 & 2)

Things 1 and 2 from Willy Creations

A Wedding Reception
Scott was hired for a wedding reception and as a special surprise he put together this bride and groom for them!
They loved it, and the "J's" are the letters of their first names.
(Ever seen "Wedding Crashers"? Just guess how many times we are asked to make a bicycle!)

Little Boy's 1st Birthday Party
This party, poor Scott was flying solo for both balloons & face painting!
We had to pick our son up for the airport and so he had to go it alone, and we realized why encourage 2 performers when it's a larger event.
He was kept VERY busy!
But even with working quickly, and toning down the details, everyone loved the creations :)

Target Grand Opening
We really enjoyed this grand opening.
We got to take a sneak peak into a fully stocked, brand new, never had a customer in it Target Store.
Everything was so clean and pretty, and the shelves were stocked so neatly that even a perfectionist like myself (Dani) could appreciate it.
The best part?
The school marching band!
They were amazing, and it was super cool to have them playing and walking the isles. We were all blown away my these talented kids!

The Bee
This is Scott's newest; and I think current favorite, balloon.
When kids can't decide, you will notice he always pitches the bee now, haha.

Wily Creations Balloon Bee

Teachers know how to throw a party!
This was a last day of school celebration for some of the kids at Camel-back Desert Schools.
Great kids, great parents and some super great teachers... A Thank You to Candie Beamish and Ms. Wimberly!

Camelback Desert Schools Classroom party 1Camelback Desert Schools Classroom party 2

Kung Fu Panda Premiere
The Kung Fu Panda Premier Party at Castles n Coasters was a hit! There were martial arts demos, photo flip books, snow cones, snacks, raffles, great music... and everything was FREE to the people who attended!
Here are some pictures for ya!
(of course all the face painting and balloons you see where done by us!)

Po the Kung Fu Panda Face painted skulls101.5 vanMonster and a puppyWilly Creations face painting with 101.5Amy Standage with Willy Creations
(click to make enlarge)

A Mouse with red pants and yellow shoes... Gotta love trademarking
I couldn't believe this one... Someone asked for a "Micky Mouse" and while "Mickey" is trademarked... Scott was up for the challenge of a "personable mouse!" Not only did he do a great job, but he whipped it up pretty quick!

The Owl
Our newest creation Scott came up with on the spot!

Willy Creations Balloon Twisting & Face Painting